Our products cater to your needs and ensure food sustainability.

AG60 Mobile App

AG60 caters to over 50,000 rice farmers in Malaysia for individual, personalised insights


Monitor your crops with ease through our easy-to-use feature.

Filter imagery by dates, location and imagery type to easily view crop growth.


Keep track and manage tasks to ensure crop maintenance.

Filter tasks by lot number and view task duration to ensure crops are being taken care of on a priority basis.


The chat system has been developed with the purpose of furnishing a communication platform between the stakeholder and it’s operation team. This system facilitates one-on-one or one-to-many private conversations among users.

Additionally, it offers the capability for private group chats accommodating even large groups, enabling real-time engagement through a host of group chat functionalities. The platform supports diverse forms of document sharing, encompassing images, GIFs, PDF documents, audio files, and videos.

This functionality enhances seamless information exchange between both parties.


Keep your profile and seasonal information up to date.