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LC60 is strongly supported in WA by the Department of Jobs Tourism Science and Industry (JTSI).

LC60 is providing high resolution optical data and collaboration services in a series of workshops with the WA State departments and agencies.

LC60 is addressing WA’s requirement for data collection centrally managed and shared between Departments and Agencies, with effective ownership to allow for internal development of applications and insights, i.e. no End User License Agreement (EULA).

Other requirements:

   + Data must have a spatial resolution of 50cm, priced at significant

   + Priority access to data across WA govt departments.

   + LC60’s EONET60 for data integration & delivery to each Department
and Agency.

"EONet60 will position WA as a national leader in end-to-end Earth observation services, and ensure that the State directly benefits from the growth of the sector and increasing demand for EO data."
Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Science; Medical Research;
Minister Assisting the Minister for State and Industry Development, Jobs and Trade

BERNAS, National Rice & Grain Agency Malaysia

Multi-year contract with a leading Malaysian Government Linked Company for the provision of:

+ Farm Management Solution (FMS) to monitor and track crop yield, performance and other key metrics for over 125,000 rice farmers

+ AG60 mobile application to over 50,000 rice farmers in Malaysia for individual, personalised insights

+ Opportunity to add-on a carbon credit assessment & trading module in the near future

+ Nation-wide growth plan to over 1 million small farmers with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia within the next 2 years

Carbon Mapping Projects in NSW, Queensland & WA

LatConnect 60 is working with Australian companies to deliver a more productive sustainable land sector. LatConnect 60 is delivering reliable and accurate carbon stock and emissions data, supporting our clients’ sustainability goals and enabling them to make informed decisions towards a more sustainable future.